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Childless not by Choice

Hello there, my name is Civilla Morgan. Are you childless not by choice? Do you know someone who is?

After years of hoping, and waiting, even attempting on two occasions to adopt; I realized I would never have children. It was a difficult time for me, but I decided that I could not be the only woman on this planet trying to figure out how to deal with my situation.

You see, I was not willing to pretend I was OK when I really was not. I wanted children and I was not going to be having any.  I heard all types of comments down through the years from acquaintances and strangers alike. Some meant well, some wanted me to be sure I recognized they had something I would never have.

But through it all, as much as my heart hurt, I also knew there were women worldwide who were going through the same or similar circumstances and feelings. And on top of that, some women are being physically and mentally mistreated.

So I created Childless not by Choice aka 21st Century Hannah. A platform where I speak to and encourage women who are childless not by choice. Check out my episodes, and please tell your friends and family; especially those who are childless not by choice. For details on all things childless not by choice, visit me at 

Thank you!

Jul 10, 2017

Episode 66—Two-year anniversary episode, my conversation with my Podcast Producer/Web builder Kevin Scullion

 Hello everyone! Civilla Morgan here! Welcome back to Childless not by Choice, where my mission is to recognize and speak to the broken hearts of childless women, and men, around the world.  I am spreading the great news that we can live a joyfully relevant and fulfilled life, although we could not, did not, have children we so wanted. Thank you for allowing me to sit with you a while!


Intro, how we met—


  • How did you get into podcasting?
  • Tell us more about your podcast…
  • What made you want to start creating (websites) and editing (podcasts) for others?

4) Tell us how podcasts can be a wonderful resource…

 5)What creates longevity in a podcast?

6) How can people reach you if they need assistance with podcast production and or web building? And how do people access your podcast?

Shout out:

‘Wow! That was so brutally honest. Hats off to you for opening up yourself to others like that. That is why God is using you so powerfully.

Of course, I have no answers for your questions. I am not in the same boat as you, but in a similar situation of sometimes feeling, "How can I say so and so when I am not even there myself?"

You are needed. You are not a fraud. You are simply doing God's will. Keep on doing what you do.’



(In response to the main article in my June Newsletter, Your Monthly Guide to Living the Childless Life)


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